You are weird.

I said to her,“You’re weird” and she replied Thank you.
And then there was a long silence between us for a while.
After a while she suddenly said,“But why do you think so?”
I had no answer really,it was just something I just said without thinking maybe because I liked her because she was different and that different could sometimes be called weird but I couldn’t tell her that.I couldn’t just tell her that I liked her and I stood silent just staring at her.
She was expecting me to answer and she repeated her question again.
I replied saying,“You know weird is good”.
“What do you mean weird is good?”she asked me.
I mean being weird is completely okay and I like weird people.
She wasn’t satisfied with my poor explanation,obviously nobody would be.
She said,”I’ll see you in next class”
And I stood there staring at her and wondering if she’ll ever know.

I wrote this on tumblr a few days ago,sharing it here.
Prompt from here –

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