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I am all of them.I am a poet,lover,writer,visionary,photographer,painter,over thinker,silent seeker.I am so many things yet I'm one. Source - Photo from facebook.

Journey – Daily Prompt.

Tell us about a journey — whether a physical trip you took, or an emotional one. Journey,it has to be one of my favourite words. I've always been a fan of this word,it holds lots of meanings for me and I think one can't really get enough of it(okay,I made it a little confusing). I… Continue reading Journey – Daily Prompt.

Haiku #12

I woke up early Heard birds chirping How beautiful nature is


Standing on the edge of the lake In the middle of the night With no one around He stares at the road On the other side of the lake The lights on the road are dim The reflection Makes the scene Looks like a painting And he just stares Endlessly,his gaze fixed On the road Waiting… Continue reading Lake


Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything

Write till
your hand bleeds
Moving fingers
Mind feeds
Do you care
If no one reads

Crazy words
without chains
Thoughts to
make you Insane
Whether you lose
Or you gain

All I have is
Imagination, wonder
Comes rain
Comes thunder
Never stop,
Never surrender!!

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On the road. #1

So this is something new I'm trying to start on the blog,I'd even encourage other people to contribute.This is where I'll write down incidents I encounter on streets, roads.So here is the first post. Today is Tuesday and there is a small market which is setup by people,they put their stuff on the roadsides and… Continue reading On the road. #1

Summer Afternoons and mind.

Lazy Afternoons Rolling on the bed Yawning and trying to sleep But it doesn't come with ease Staring at the fan That won't move But my mind Keeps wandering Going from one thought to another. Hey there reader.How are you?