Journey – Daily Prompt.

Tell us about a journey — whether a physical trip you took, or an emotional one.

Journey,it has to be one of my favourite words. I’ve always been a fan of this word,it holds lots of meanings for me and I think one can’t really get enough of it(okay,I made it a little confusing).

I have taken several journeys but not as many as I’d like to take.Every journey has a special place and I remember all of them vividly, even the ones I took as a seven year old.I remember writing a post about it earlier and will include the link once I get access to laptop.
Now talking about emotional journey.Oh well I respect emotions very much,they are very important for me and I think they shall be given priority by everyone.After all humans and emotions go together, don’t they?
I often take emotional journeys,almost everyday.I can’t put it in words right now as I don’t know how to do that.But I must do it sometime soon.

I plan to write about a lot of things everyday,I open this new post everyday and stare at the beautiful white screen and then close it because I don’t have words to put it out.I must overcome this too.Someday I’ll.

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