On the road. #1

So this is something new I’m trying to start on the blog,I’d even encourage other people to contribute.This is where I’ll write down incidents I encounter on streets, roads.So here is the first post.

Today is Tuesday and there is a small market which is setup by people,they put their stuff on the roadsides and outside the closed shops.So I was out walking late in the evening and those people were packing up after the long day and there are two little kids packing their stuff and the other one says “Oye 3g ki speed se kaam kar” (Pack the stuff with the speed of 3g network).I was surprised on how he could relate things to 3g,amazing kid.
India is a country with a large number of mobile users and internet users.So even if they aren’t going to school you can be assured that they know what 3g is and they have a clear idea about it’s speed. India is evolving and it’s growing.But the education part still doesn’t see much growth.We need to know about internet but there are many things that need more attention.
So this was something I heard on the road and thought it was interesting.

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