List – Daily Prompt

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Satisfaction of a List.”

I am going to try and make a small three point list of secret to happiness.Please bear with me because I’m no expert at it,but this being a blog gives me the liberty to try and try I shall.

Three secrets to happiness(which aren’t really secrets but lesser known facts)

  1. Don’t,I say again DON’T think too much.It takes the present away and you either dwell and worry about future or past.And don’t think what people think about you,they will always have something to add and they will always comment.
  2. Be satisfied and content with yourself.This is important because if you aren’t happy with yourself then why are you living?This is your life .I understand you might question yourself why and how can I be happy in this situation but try.Be happy and meanwhile strive to improve and grown and become a better person than you were yesterday.
  3. Believe in yourself,yes this can’t be stressed anymore.When you believe in yourself you break the boundaries that you earlier created.You grow.

Okay,this is a confession I’m making here.I myself really don’t follow all these three steps I wrote down,but yes I do try.

What is the secret to happiness according to you?If you have an interesting post then please add the ping or comment below and increase the knowledge about happiness because it is desperately needed.You at least agreed with me on the last point?Didn’t ya?

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