Net Neutrality India

This is for Indian internet users.You are in India using internet just like I’m using,and you are reading my blog,my stories,poetry.For reading and accessing my website you don’t have to pay any fees,you right now don’t pay anything extra.But this is about to change,you’ll have to pay for reading my blog and your readers will have to pay for reading your blog.The whole meaning of blogging will eventually change and the freedom we have right now will be lost.How many readers would be willing to pay?Not many is the right answer.
I’ll try and explain it in my own manner-

Say,I upload and showcase my photographs on 500px,now for accessing that website I’ll pay a fee and people who want to see it will have to pay fee too.Which tells me that I’ll lose audience.

I blog here on wordpress and several of my readers are not bloggers but just the ones who visit my site to read and they’ll stop visiting too because they can’t simply pay for it every time they visit or every month . This is a free blog and people are welcomed here to listen and to read whatever I have to say,they don’t have to pay.

Basically it will get super expensive and everything will be divided and they’ll charge you as much as they want.Pay for youtube,pay for skype,pay for wordpress,pay for gmail,pay for outlook/hotmail.Pay for everything SEPARATELY.
We do not want this to happen,we don’t want this.We want NET NEUTRALITY,do not divide the internet.

Help keep this blog and other blogs free.Help save our freedom.

You can even visit this website –


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