Who am I?

I blog,write stories,poems and haiku(s).
I click decent photographs and think I even have decent handwriting.People compliment me,I make them laugh but I always feel there is some void,there is something that I should be doing but I’m not.I don’t know what that is but yeah I’m unable to figure it out.I don’t call or introduce myself as a photographer,blogger or a writer.I am confused,who am I?Really?
Basically I’m trying to make it large.Get it?Make some difference,be a role model(maybe)?I don’t know.
Do you ever get the same feel?

Why did I write this post?No idea,why the heck am I even posting it?No idea again,but hey this is where I can do it and not get judged(hopefully).

This is an informal invitation to you(readers),to be weird in the comments section.

Have a good time and expect these crazy posts in the future. πŸ™‚

18 thoughts on “Who am I?”

  1. Well aren’t we all? And I guess writing for me if not most of us is trying to fill that void you talked of.
    Best of luck for your endeavours


      1. Yes! That’s what keeps us going I guess. Even if what I write is not good enough I do write


      2. You do the right thing.I remember this quote – “Write today even if it’s not good.”
        So we must not stop because it is a great thing to do.After all words can change the world.

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      3. Yeah and even if they dont well they restore my equilibrium so that’s worth it ☺ Thanks for this quote too Inspiring!

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      4. πŸ˜€thats possibly the best complement. Thank you! I took my whole childhood to begin to like it! ☺ Yours is a great one too you know..

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      5. Nah I m not. You know why your name is special. One of the attributes and the best one. So yeah!


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