What are we?

Human life is both tragic and beautiful,it’s a mixture of several things.
There are good people and there are bad people,they are disguised.You fail to see who’s who at times.
There are people who would make you smile and you’ll tell yourself yeah there are still good people left in this world,but then there are bad people,who’ll be rude with you for no reason(maybe they are simply rude,or have their own problems).
But what matters is what we focus on.Most would focus on that negative person instead of the positive ones,because the thinker here is negative?Maybe,maybe not.
In this midst of all this,some people crumple while some rise.Some fall in the pit and others rise.Why does this happen,why would one fall and other rise or the other way round.I don’t have the answer to this question I asked myself.
We are what we are,what we feed our minds with,it might depend on the conditions and environment in which we were brought up.
We are full of potential and it might just get wasted for no reason because someone was rude/life was bad.Fighting is necessary and fight,fight.

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