Smiling more is good.

I am that type of a person who generally doesn’t smile,and many people have told me so.I know this is bad and it should be changed.Even a school kid passing on the street asks me “aap haste nahi ho kya?”(You don’t smile?).
And I also happen to focus on negative things,which results in over thinking.I shall stop all this and make positive approach towards life and everything.I’m a cheerful person when with people but alone I’m serious as hell,I wonder why.
I am smiling right now and it feels good.What do you say about it?

15 thoughts on “Smiling more is good.”

  1. Glad to know you smiled.
    Smile plays an important part in one’s social behaviour. A smiling person radiates positive vibes. I think it’s the most powerful gesture given to human beings. This reminds me of the famous Mona Lisa painting. Try to smile more often. Smile at kids, friends, family, acquaintances. I am sure it’ll help you detach your focus from negative things.

    Keep smiling 🙂

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  2. When Jafar is contented and at peace, the glory automatically shines up his face.
    Jafar, you really don’t have to make an effort to smile. Just be @peace.


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