An apology with a poem.

I feel strange for not blogging for so long.I feel this is my first post,I regret skipping it for so many days.I have been over thinking way too much,so I’ve been combating it.If you have been there and came out of it,let me know.

I’ll come out of it and will share with you my journey of overcoming it,I shall help my readers in any way I can.
As an apology I am sharing with you a poem I wrote in class 11th,several years ago.

O,there she stood
Stood she high
She was proud
And she was shy

She looked at herself
Through the mirror
Just to see
That lovely smile

She smiled and smiled
She giggled and wriggled
Until she was satisfied

To see her smile
Was a beautiful sight
And there she stood
Stood she high
Making me ponder
At the sight.

I hope you liked it and yeah be awesome. 🙂

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