Trip In The Night – Short Story

I was in the carraige and the horse suddely stopped making me fall on the floor.Everything was silent and I could hear the horse drawing breath,I heard footsteps approaching the carraige.Someone stopped outside the door and everything fell silent again,it was unearthly and I was scared but eager to see whose footsteps I had just heard and why isn’t he knocking at my carraige’s door.
I couldn’t wait any longer and opened the door and looked outside expecting to face someone scary in the dark night,but there wasn’t anyone there.I took a step out and saw a pair of boots in front of the door.Someone was here and he went off without his shoes,I was puzzled and went to the front of the carraige to enquire it from the coachman but he wasn’t there,neither were the horses.To be honest with you I wasn’t scared until this moment but as I couldn’t see both coachman and horses,I was scared very scared.
I went back to the door and saw that the shoes were gone and immediately realized that someone was there,taking breath and I looked up there was a man on the top of the carraige and I shouted and fell down and I also woke up and realized that I was on the floor.
It was a dream,imagine if it was real?

The End.
Jafar Rehman

Thank you for reading,this is bound to have mistakes.I did not read it again or edit it.I’d like your views about it in comments.
I enjoy writing horror and mystery.

Thank you again.

Note- I wanted to keep this short,else I would have killed someone in the story. πŸ˜‰

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