Wandering Mind

you let your mind wander into the foreign territories Which do you no good But take the light out of you you let it act you let it rule you Blame must not be put on you For mind needs something To dwell onto

Smiling more is good.

I am that type of a person who generally doesn't smile,and many people have told me so.I know this is bad and it should be changed.Even a school kid passing on the street asks me "aap haste nahi ho kya?"(You don't smile?). And I also happen to focus on negative things,which results in over thinking.I… Continue reading Smiling more is good.

Haiku #10 Mind

Stuck on things That doesn't matter Strange mind is

An apology with a poem.

I feel strange for not blogging for so long.I feel this is my first post,I regret skipping it for so many days.I have been over thinking way too much,so I've been combating it.If you have been there and came out of it,let me know. I'll come out of it and will share with you my… Continue reading An apology with a poem.


There is a window He stares at it From Day till night One would wonder Why would he do What he does That is stare at The window of The ruined house But only he knew And firmly believed That there lived Someone in that Ruined house

Haiku #9 – Life and Death

Everything fell silent Nothing moved,not a sound to be heard He didn't breath again. -Jafar Rehman And that's how life ends,all of a sudden.

Art of making Chai (Tea)

I am a Chai(tea) Lover and I had to share this wonderful piece with you my dear readers.Let me know if you are a chai lover as well,we would make great friends.


I always smile when my friend
Is baffled by my obsession with chai 
You see making chai is an art
From boiling the water on the stove
While humming your favorite song
To precisely adding the tea leaves
Which give the perfect golden color
As you let it brew by the clock
Reading Neruda’s poem in between
Till the roasted aroma wraps you
In its spread soothing your senses
And with all the concentration you
Pour the chai in the cup and watch
With delight as the hot steam forms
Designs that you want to capture
In your memory as magical moments
That remind you of words of C. S. Lewis
This brings a smile on your face and
To complete your Chai making ritual
A little milk and a little honey essence
Brings your Chai cup to desired perfection
With a hand wrapped around the cup
And another holding…

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I just Cloned

In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "Clone Wars." If you could clone yourself, how would you split up your responsibilities? Wow!Okay here it's how I'll use the clone me. Original- Hey,We gotta split our work and responsibilities. Clone- Yeah,okay.I guess you cloned for this reason alone. Original- Yeah,so you do the thinking. Cloned… Continue reading I just Cloned

The Window-Poem

She would stay awake And look out of the window She would see the mountains And the trees But confined she was To the insides A prison is what She lived in The window was her escape From the prison But lasted only for a while She kept it a secret For her master If… Continue reading The Window-Poem

Haiku #8 – Life

I often wonder Where will I end up in life Maybe somewhere I always wanted to be?