Issue(s) India face.

I was out walking and I’m passing from a place and on the left just a few steps ahead of me is a big heap of garbage,yes all type of garbage right there on the road.So before I could reach and pass that place,there comes a young boy with school bag on his scooter and throws a plastic bag(most probably waste) onto that heap of garbage and starts his scooter and is soon out of the sight.
Why did he throw his garbage on the road?Maybe because there was already so much garbage on the road that he thought his contribution won’t really make any difference.But it does makes difference.He surely looked like a boy who goes to school,and yet he does what shouldn’t be done.Are the schools even telling them not to do so?That it’s not alright to litter and make your city dirty,it’s not okay to throw your garbage out on the road in the open?Or are the parents at fault?Well,this blame game is not what I’m really aiming at in this post.How can we ever dream of a cleaner India even if the young and school going population is going act like the most illiterate one,or is education is all about marks?The reality is that the dogs will later go through all that garbage and pull it open and make the whole street even dirtier and then we would complain about how dirty and unclean our city is,maybe government should do something.
Yes,government should do something but we also need to do something on our own,and I must tell you it’s simple.Do not throw garbage out in the open,now how hard could it really be?You are out and eating chips that come in plastic bag,you have a bottle of cold drink and it just got empty and normally one would simply throw it away,instead you could fold the chips wrapper and stuff it inside your pocket and hold that empty bottle until you find a dustbin or get home.And honestly who doesn’t like clean streets and clean cities?This problems needs some serious attention from each one of us or else clean India is only a mirage.
You might think how much difference you are making,probably no difference at all.The truth is you are making a difference greater than you can realize,you are making your surroundings,you are making your city and ultimately your country clean,you are contributing and you should be proud about it.Education is not just about having a degree and a job,or it’s not only about marks.Education is about being a better human being,it’s about being civilized and using it for good cause,else we just wasted our time in schools.

Also,Swachh Bharat Abhiyan,a national level campaign is run by Government Of India which is all about cleanliness you can check more about it here.

9 thoughts on “Issue(s) India face.”

  1. It is the same here, sadly. You can’t exactly blame the young ones because adults are the ones who set the example. Also, it really should be the government who should lead in making and keeping the environment clean. If they create smart and feasible plans, they should also implement it effectively and keep track of the progress. I am not sure how it is over there, but schools here do teach children how to dispose of their trash properly. Kids learn by example, as said, so what is it that they see outside school? Adults, even their own parents, not doing the right things. It’s really the government that should do something about this, from the highest form of government down to the lowest, the community leaders.

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    1. I in this post wanted the youth to take up some responsibilities and set a good example,and sure there are several reasons and both government and parents are responsible too.
      The government here is taking measures but taking in the consideration the level of corruption ruins the effort.But we need a change and I think the youth if takes this seriously can help in forming better habits and raise awareness.


  2. Nowadays people consider roads as dustbin. They themselves litter it and then blame the authorities saying that they don’t clean it. More and more awareness must be spread so that people could understand.

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    1. Yes,that’s what I was trying to say in the post.
      We the young generation should at least set some good examples for others and see that our friends and people related to us don’t litter around,it’s gonna be a kind of revolution and it’ll bring change.

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