A day in her life (2)

This is the continuation of this short poem.

Raindrops start to fall from sky
She looks up and smiles
Choking on her breath
She thanks The Almighty
For it hides her tears
And her ruined face.

The scars didn’t hurt
At least not anymore
But the looks on the face
Did made her heart skip a beat

She would take a long gulp of air
And tell herself to be strong
Only to collapse
Whenever she got alone

It was hard
To carry a burden so heavy
Betrayal was something
She couldn’t really stand at all

But all that happened
Cannot be changed at all
All that’s left is
Her ruined face
And a broken heart.

This is something I wrote keeping in mind the abuses faced by women and her ruined face here indicates that she was attacked with acid by someone who was close to her.I can only imagine how painful and hard life would become for the victims.Thank you for the response on the first part of this and please pardon me for making any mistakes,I’m not much of a poet.

– Jafar Rehman

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