Chat – Daily Prompt

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fireside Chat.” – What person whom you don’t know very well in real life — it could be a blogger whose writing you enjoy, a friend you just recently made, etc. — would you like to have over for a long chat in which they tell you their life story?

Yeah you there,yes I’m talking to you.Let me tell you I am a good listener and I like talking,if you talk something like about your life and about interesting adventures you had,your aims/ambitions then I’m willing to hear and contribute.A good conversation is good for the mind.So yeah this is an informal invitation. 🙂

And does anyone here like Sher O Shayari?

7 thoughts on “Chat – Daily Prompt”

  1. I like to listen to interesting stories as well but do serve them up in small doses. Too much and my brain shuts down to process what you already told me as I dissect it into figuring out you as a person. I am one of those people who likes to study others. I have learned to tell a lot about a person by their comments, actions and habits.

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    1. And one other way you missed is seeing that on what things they laugh,it tells you a lot about them.
      I too have this hobby of trying to understand people but you see I’m not really good at it.

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      1. Laughing does tell a lot about a person. For me, I read people pretty well, it’s just that I go against my gut instincts and make attempts anyway even when I have observed harmful behavior. I’m learning to trust my instincts and stay out of situations which don’t work for me. It means less people around me but those that are, are more likely to be ones of quality instead of shallow out for just themselves.

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