Entry for Daily Prompt

Re-springing Your Step

Tell us about the last experience you had that left you feeling fresh, energized, and rejuvenated. What was it that had such a positive effect on you?

Oh this is something I really can’t relate to.Nothing like that happened recently(in a year) but I do feel good on achieving small objectives. I feel fresh, energised,  and rejuvenated when I talk to and meet people with similar interests, the type of people that can talk about various things, can have intelligent conversation(maybe) . I like to socialise in short. I won’t go long talking about my interests and type of people I’d like to hang around, some people who’ve read my previous posts might understand how weird I am. The more I write, the more confused you’ll get.

– Jafar Rehman

15 thoughts on “Entry for Daily Prompt”

  1. Your post sounds like what it is like to be inside my head. I love great conversation with intelligent people who can talk on any subject, possibly disagree and end up knowing and understanding more than they started with. I love growth and learning, the hard part is finding people who can do that.

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    1. Ah,finally someone who gets what I have been trying to say,it’s just hard to tell people what goes inside your head.I too love learning and constantly growing and totally hate stagnation.

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      1. Someone questioned me today why would you want to have this type of conversation?And I was like never mind!
        So yeah people would get crazy for sure.


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