A bench in the park – 2

Read the first part here to get a better understanding.

The bench stays empty
There is neither sadness nor a rose
There’s no one to wait
No,not anymore

But he did come
To the park and
Sat on the bench
Waited for her
Thinking she would come

Tired and devoid of hope
Away he went
Thinking if she ever came
If she ever came

I never planned to write a sequel or part 2 of the little poem but here it is,tell me if you like it.

9 thoughts on “A bench in the park – 2”

  1. Well written, heart touching, beautiful and simple.
    I’ve not much interest in poetry but it gets develop where words begin to make sense and images in your mind. 🙂
    Liked and shared. (y)
    Keep it up, gentleman!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This compliment is special because it’s coming someone from who’s not really into poetry but still liked it.Thank you very much for the compliment and for visiting and reading my post.
      Keep visiting. 🙂


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