The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins(Book Overview)

Started this book with great expectations and with hope of reading something amazing.I assure you that most of the expectations were met.Here is my little overview of the book from Goodreads.

the moonstone review screen

I haven’t read much classics,so bear with me if I miss a thing or two.This indeed a page turner and took me on an adventure of the gem named Moonstone,no way you could stop thinking about it and drawing out conclusions and constantly trying to solve the mystery of the gem.Ending will surprise you,I enjoyed every part of it.
The part I personally liked very much was of Ezra Jennings,though it was short but the misery of his life impacted me on great level.I loved almost all the narrations by different characters of the story and the most wisest of them all was that of Mr.Gabriel Betterredge.The book has amazing things to offer,I’d recommend it.

And if you have read this amazing book,then tell me your views too.

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