No,I don’t want that perfect picture and I don’t want to upload it to facebook,instagram or to any social networking site.I want to travel and not check in on facebook and maybe take a million photographs just for myself because I love it,so when in future I sit with people probably strangers and there we talk about our experiences and I would proudly be able to say yes I’ve been there and it was one hell of a journey,I learned something new and saw something for the first time.I want to be a man full of experience and so much to offer that none can afford to miss my company,I want to connect and see the different sides of humanity,when a smile can connect so many of us,I want to explore what else can do it better?Don’t blame me but yes it’s my belief that are things still unexplored.
I want to talk to people who don’t understand my language and I don’t understand theirs but we learn something,that something might not be defined but it would be with me till the end and I can rejoice on that later in my life.
I want to touch people’s heart and mind and be a light in their darkest time.I want to be a figure of influence so that people follow me on a better path,I don’t want to be a leader necessarily but I want to be a guide,if I could inspire a single sould,I’d consider myself of some worth,and no I won’t stop there,I would do better.That’s what I want to do and I might not be able to do but I can atleast try,can’t I?

I wrote this in a single go,spilled my mind here and I’ve decided not to edit it and share it as it is.

This is also my entry for Daily Prompt.


4 thoughts on “Opinion”

  1. I am currently struggling with my relationship to Social Media … On the one hand it took me some effort to build up my FaceBook audience of 1,093 on the other I felt so much better when I culled them to 280 of which nearly all are family or close friends from my lifetime. Living here, learning a foreign language and not always being understood is freeing in a way that the fast communicating outside world will probably never fathom. But seek it, find it and drink it in for tis the elixir of life my friend 🙂

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    1. You are leading a good life,at least it seems to me.
      I also use facebook generally for the purpose of presenting people with photographs(it’s a medium).
      I kind of liked how you ended your comment. 🙂

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