Rickshaw Puller

Amidst all the negativity how do you focus on positive things?Amongst the bad,how do you put your focus on things that are good and that matter.What could put your mind at ease and what could just rattle your mind and cause extreme disturbance in the life?You go out on the road,into the world and see such variety of humans moving about,from this place to that,in haste,for something urgent,for something they aren’t willing to do,racing against time or trying to slow it down,all type of material to be found,like a box with assorted sweets,every piece offering a different flavor.
You meet someone,some stranger and he/she says something sour/rude to you and take note here,if you are like me then you might keep that in your mind for the whole day(even more) and keep thinking about it(I am trying not to do it,I think too much about everything),you ruin your day,and kind of focusing on negativity?Also wondering why is it so much,sourness,rudeness?Where did we go wrong?
 But here is the positive side,for you have been reading the negative part for far too long.
Once in a while you meet someone,who sets your brain on thinking,about a lot of things,the beauty of life and of world.I’ll try and recall a conversation with a rickshaw puller I had almost 5 years ago.I had this habit of chatting with strangers(I don’t know what killed this wonderful hobby of mine),so I once travelled by rickshaw which are quite popular in India,specially in small towns and cities,I asked this rickshaw puller that if he smokes and he said no,it’s not good and it’s not free ultimately it could be one of the costliest things ever.At that time I had strong repulsion for smoking and chewing tobacco.He then told me he is saving up for his kid,he is still in school but he is going to educate him so that he could earn his own living and cannot blame his parents for not doing enough for him,so he could sustain a good and a better life than his father,who’s doing a low class job.The journey ended soon,almost in 15 minutes as far as my memory tells me and at the end I came to know that the rickshaw puller had enough education so that he could read english words and speak them clearly.

I might have a missed a thing here and there,but that’s all I remember and I just thought it would be great to share with you all.You might have had some similar experiences in your life and I am most interested to hear them.Doesn’t things like this give you a great feeling,a man genuinely working hard,a man earning his bread,a man being a source of inspiration for me.

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