Recently Acquired

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Recently Acquired.”

What’s the most important (or interesting, or unexpected) thing about blogging you know today that you didn’t know a month ago?

Oh,wait! I knew almost nothing about blogging a month ago,I don’t know much even today,guess I am still a beginner.But there is this thing I like about blogging,no matter what you write there are always people who can relate to you and like what you write.I love how I have made some connections through blogging in such a little time.Also,write honestly,be honest to yourself and be honest to the readers is what I’ve learned(I think so).

Blogging is ummm…Yeah pretty much awesome.

4 thoughts on “Recently Acquired”

  1. This was very nice. And if you don’t understand something (can you say ‘pingback?’) ask and you will receive an answer. Many answers. A very nice, important thing. Good post.

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