Being nice.

There was a man who was rich and kind,loved everyone and loved by everyone.But he had his past which wasn’t so good,he lost his parents at an early age and lived alone,doing odd jobs and earning money and at the same time getting but also neglected by the people,by the world,feeling unwanted and burden on everyone.He somehow survived and is now able to sustain a good life,donating and helping people,taking to everyone with respect and compassion which if  you agree with me is what we all need.
But there was another man who lived a life similar,he also lost his parents and is now living a good life,but he is exact opposite,never talks with respect and is rude.

Why is the other one so nice while the other doesn’t care at all.
The second guy on asking said,I don’t care and I was treated in the same manner,people were rude,so I’m rude.
The first guy said,I was treated wrong but I will try and make sure that no other person is ever treated like that,I’ll make sure this place earth is a good place.I’ll set the good example.

I strongly believe in kindness and yes I might have mistreated and still mistreat people(which I don’t intend to do,maybe anger,sorry for that),but I’m also mistreated and I see people mistreat each other daily,every time I’m out on roads,streets.I saw this old lady today who started this conversation with me and told me various problem she was facing,one of them was the rude behaviour,she was over 60 in age.

Why are we so rude?In a country like India,people hate each other on so many levels,they hate on basis of religion,caste,from which state you are,by your marks in school,by your mobile,your money.They judge on these factors too.

I was also shocked today when I happened to see a disabled man and heard him talking,but I shall talk about that in my next post,I intend to make this one short and readable.

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