One of the most beautiful videos I’ve ever seen.This talks about things that almost everyone fails to observe,this touches the points that are often not seen and the beauty and the amazement they have to offer are completely missed out.What a waste?

Do not worry and sit back and just watch this video,you’ll be happy to do it.Tell me your views because this can be one of the biggest conversation and an important one.

12 thoughts on “Sonder”

  1. Nevet got my mind to such hidden realities . Those ‘extraas’ can have a big story. there’s seamless adventure in every aspect of life around us. A *breathtaking* video this was.

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    1. I am glad you liked it.Just imagine you bump into someone on the street who’s full of stories that can offer amazement,happiness and even sadness but you just pass them,continue going to where you were going.But if you stopped and listened?Let the imagination run wild.Life would be b’ful and better.

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      1. This is nearer to the feeling I used to get whenever I saw aeroplanes flying over the geography of my area. I wondered the many reasons behind the journey of people travelling in them. Some with happy reasons whilst some with sad ones. Some who must be starting new lives, some on way to their home towns, some on a vacation, some to start education. .it’s a bag of reasons and stories .

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      2. Ah!you just stated the beautiful thought.It was full of emotions and surprise.Some might be meeting their loved ones after a lifetime,while some might be leaving for the whole of their lives.Isn’t it a strange contrast?

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  2. First of all what a beautiful film! It reminds me to wonder more often about those lives that will only ever fleetingly touch mine – and so indistinctly that they are barely noticeable. But the fact that they are barely noticeable makes them no less important in the warp and weft of my life. They become part of the fabric of me and I part of the fabric of them … indescernably. Which is a good reminder. Thank you 🙂

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