One of the most beautiful videos I've ever seen.This talks about things that almost everyone fails to observe,this touches the points that are often not seen and the beauty and the amazement they have to offer are completely missed out.What a waste? Do not worry and sit back and just watch this video,you'll be happy… Continue reading Sonder

The Terror – Short Story #1

Thoughts of a Crooked Mind

He went out on to the street unwillingly but this was the only time the curfew would be relaxed and people could buy things they needed.He went to the nearest store and found out that the store had already run out of stock.He looked at his watch and started to go towards the other store that was almost a kilometer away from his place but if he hurried then he would be able to make it back in under 15 minutes or else the curfew would be placed again and he would have nowhere to go.He was walking fast and came to the other street and saw four uniformed policemen standing near the barricades and one of them stopped him and said this way is closed go through the cemetery.He glanced at his watch and turned around and started to go towards the other route and then he heard the…

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To the writers

In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "Spinning Yarns." A good storyteller is the one which keeps you interested and gives you little amounts of shocks and surprises.I am no judge but I prefer writers more than people. Occasionally here and there,I get to hear some stories from complete strangers and some of them… Continue reading To the writers

Forest Haiku

a deer in forest a sparrow flies away leaf falls from tree Okay,here is my first try at Haiku,I just love reading them.Tell me if I am doing it right and I'd surely love to read some by you. 🙂