A suggestion

There was once a suggestion from one of my former teacher when I showed some poetry to her I used to write- try writing something related to love.It could be related to anything say an affair between two people(people in love),love for nature,love of a mother for her child,just love(see the idea is really big here).To quote from Dead Poets Society

After all this time,I think she was right,I should write more poetry and also explore more of this topic because it is extremely beautiful and amazing at the same time.I am a novice and have a long way to go,share something you’ve written on the same topic i.e. love. 🙂

10 thoughts on “A suggestion”

  1. “Dead Poets Society” …. one of my favorite movies …. and yes poetry is a wonderful medium of expression, you can say a whole story in just a few words, keep on writing 🙂


  2. Wise teacher, wise words (from one of the greatest movies of the last 2 decades) … love is inseparable from my experience of life and therefore permeates all that I write. It may not always be blazoned in bold but it is there, underpinning every word. My chequered heart leads me on 🙂

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