The Terror – Short Story #1

He went out on to the street unwillingly but this was the only time the curfew would be relaxed and people could buy things they needed.He went to the nearest store and found out that the store had already run out of stock.He looked at his watch and started to go towards the other store that was almost a kilometer away from his place but if he hurried then he would be able to make it back in under 15 minutes or else the curfew would be placed again and he would have nowhere to go.He was walking fast and came to the other street and saw four uniformed policemen standing near the barricades and one of them stopped him and said this way is closed go through the cemetery.He glanced at his watch and turned around and started to go towards the other route and then he heard the same policeman talking on his motorola wireless and telling the other guy – “Yes,he’ll be coming from the cemetery and take him out while he is still inside,Over”.
He didn’t stop but continued walking and entered the cemetery and his heart was pounding so hard that he thought it might jump out of his chest at any moment.He hid behind a wall inside a cemetery and waited for a minute to catch his breath and gain some consciousness,then he moved into the deeper part of the cemetery and away from both the gates.He found the darkest spot behind a tree and sat there,his mind racing and trying to figure out why they want to kill him?He looked at his watch and only five minutes remained for curfew to be placed back again,he knew he couldn’t go out from either side because there stood men who would kill him at once.
He woke up with a feeling that there was something on his leg and saw that there were several cockroaches on his leg,he stood up and realized that he had slept in the graveyard.He came to the gate and saw around and in the distance he could see some uniformed men patrolling the area.He came out and hid behind a big green dustbin and slowly in the same manner made it to his apartment.He put his key in and got in but somebody had been there and messed up his apartment,they now knew where he lived and they came here for him.He sat on the bed thinking where should he go,to the police maybe?But they were trying to kill me,he thought,and suddenly his landline phone rang and he reluctantly picked up and the speaker on the phone said “You are not safe,run away” and the call disconnected.He quickly grabbed a bag and packed some of his clothes and took the money he had hidden behind the cupboard and went straight to the building’s basement and hid behind a car and waited for curfew to be relaxed in the evening like the previous day.
As the curfew relaxed he got out and headed straight for the exit of the city,by hiding behind the buildings and sneaking past the relaxed uniformed men,it was hard but he somehow did it and he got to the highway from where he caught a bus which was going to a different city some 200 kilometers away,he sat there paranoid and alert and only when the bus had completely exited the city he could relax.He sat there looking out of the window trying to find answers and he slowly drifted to sleep.

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