No Time to Waste.

Life is too short to waste on things that won’t really matter in the long run.This may seem like an immature advice and you might even feel weird for questioning yourself but analyze things by asking yourself- “Will this matter to me in 5 years?”
Decide and proceed according to the answer you get honestly from yourself.Going to a good school and getting good grades will surely matter but smoking 2 cigarettes isn’t gonna do you any good,it might even give you cancer,reduce your lung capacity or even things that are far worse(hint early death).People smoke because they like to,because YOLO?(lame right?),they say they want to live in the present,really?Can anyone be a bigger fool for ruining their health and body instead of respecting it?
I’ve dwelt on things and worried about things unnecessarily and it only helped me go a level down,wasted my precious time and no wonder I lost so many great opportunities.When you waste your time,your brain works accordingly,you worry about everything,think too deep,over analyze when it’s not required.I myself find hard to follow my advice,it’s easy said than done.But you gotta keep your spirits high and hope for the best,else everything collapse.

Thus,Life is too short to waste on things that won’t really matter in the long run.But hey I’m yet to see and experience things and there is a lot to learn,so yeah if you have some wisdom to give then please do.Won’t it be wonderful to learn something from someone who’s in a different city,country and who’s younger and elder from me?Everyone has to offer something even if they are unaware of it.

For Daily Prompt.

4 thoughts on “No Time to Waste.”

  1. I agree….I wonder what made you do this reflection…

    As someone definitely older, I would like to share two links to you. They were letters for a young man (well, boy) to whom I was supposed to impart wisdom. I go back to these time and again to remind myself, too, when I’m getting kind of lost. You may be around the age I was in when I wrote these.

    ADVICE TO A YOUNG LAD Part 1 and Part 2


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