But I…

I was by the riverside
You were there too
I stood there
thinking of coming to you

I was besides the stairs
Saw you sitting there too
But I still
Didn’t come to you

I waited for you
By the cafe
But you didn’t come that day
Maybe because
That was the day
I was gonna come to you.

Just some nonsensical poetry.I’ve been a little ill,actually sinus infection and it sucks totally!
Also a reply to Daily Prompt now.

20 thoughts on “But I…”

      1. Mainly because I try to be more positive and not dwell on the negative. NOT saying writing like that is bad, considering it’s therapeutic. Just saying that’s what I personally try to avoid for I am someone who overthinks and over-analyzes things.


      2. I meant you start from there,it gives you a way and slowly you start taking it positively,you start observing beautiful things.Like nature,the tree,lake,birds and so on.
        I used to overthink and still do that from time to time because no matter what doing that ruins everything for me,it’s both blessing and a curse to feel and see things so deeply.


      3. I get that. It’s just the current cause of these angry/depressed thoughts put into poetic words are still there even when I’m done writing. I just want to come up with more poems that are more positive or reflective, at least, not mad, that I may still come up with from time to time but hopefully not if I can help it.

        But because we are on to this, I promise to post one or two of these soon 😉


  1. Great try in writing even when your ill..
    One thing is greatly focus and that is, never think of doing anything, if you really want to do as think will one day take your all time and it will be passed forever. in life whatever comes in way, grab it to that very extent, may be tomorrow will never be what you thinking off…
    Take care.
    God bless…


  2. Loved it. It indeed is a medicine for a broken hearted. Only if it were true. And maybe in some parallel universe it is, your poetry gives hope and maybe that’s why I’m so much in love with it

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      1. Mr Writer,
        You are as good as you can be. Try shaking off your negativity. Believe me, you’ll see your name on the pretty wall some day! 🙂
        Life is not another battle, relax and enjoy it.
        Keep writing your sorrows but do not forget to pen down your happy moments.

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      2. I needed to hear this today by someone.I’ll try replacing the negativity and also stop over-thinking things.Thanks for the lovely advice you gave me,lifted my mood and perception.

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