Tales from the Diner

The problem that needs to be dealt with, a first hand true experience from a fellow blogger.

Ice Cream for Dinner

I have a secret. I have kept it for years. It is the kind of secret that you don’t dare tell, if not for fear of the possible consequences, for fear that no one will listen. Both outcomes are unwelcome and damaging in their own right.

My friends and I have shared this secret and all its grisly details over eager sips of coffee after long overnight shifts, our voices heightened in our rage and our exhaustion. I had hurriedly whispered conversations with my coworkers during hasty smoke breaks and bathroom trips. These were girls with whom I had nothing in common – save our employment and our secret. Sometimes we exploded. Sometimes we wept.

It is not that I am weary from this business of silence; I have not broken. But I realize now that I have no reason to let my anger lie dormant. The injustice has become unpalatable.


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7 thoughts on “Tales from the Diner”

  1. I read it. Thanks for sharing!!! It’s horrible how women are often treated (although to be fair, some men do get harassed as well, for sure). I probably would not have been harassed that way if I worked as a waitress, but I hear sexist comments about women in general just the same. Seems like the world sees this kind of crap as a macho-thing. Wow. How primitive.

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    1. I agree with you that men do get harassed but the fact is that the percentage of women getting harassed both physically and verbally is extremely high.I don’t think any place on earth where men and women live together is spared.
      I being a man wouldn’t consider this macho at all,what kind of man would do unfair things and then boast on it.This behavior is unjust and shameful.


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