No Zodiac

Custom Zodiac

You’re tasked with creating a brand new astrological sign for the people born around your birthday — based solely on yourself. What would your new sign be, and how would you describe those who share it?

I don’t believe in zodiac and I think I have very legit reasons.I believe every person is different,son from his father,brother from his brother.We are created that way and that’s what I believe.
I am a twin and believe me my other twin is not similar to me in any way,we are poles apart in almost every thing.So yeah be yourself(you’ve been hearing this for a while now).But but if I could design a sign then it would have Eagles and Lions,because eagles conquer great heights,fly really high and lions for power and I like them both so that’s it.

Would you like your zodiac with eagles and lions?

39 thoughts on “No Zodiac”

      1. Pretty cool yeah.
        We are brother and sister,no chance of being identical.
        But I always imagined how cool and exciting it would be to be identical.


  1. I’m a Taurean. That’s said, I don’t really know what sign I’d like to be. It’s kind of hard considering I recently found out my personality type, which is ENFJ. Gotta think about this more.


      1. Oh!Don’t worry about linking,it helped me get a clear idea.
        I took the test and the result is I am ENTJ personality and I am pretty satisfied with the result but won’t believe in it 100%.


      2. Oh, you’ve taken it before? I hope you took the actual MBTI. I’ve taken online tests that claimed to be spot-on in their results and analyses and said their stuff were based on MBTI or Jung’s Test but this was the only time that I found my results to be, well, me. I only got to take the real MBTI because we have it in the office.

        Is your ENTJ almost spot on? As I said in my post, I got borderline results. The first result that I said wasn’t really me was ENTJ.


      3. Oh,no I took the test on I took it yesterday,got the link when read your post.The results were kind of matching for me but it’s just online and no matter what claims one make,you just can’t be certain about it.
        So you got different results?In office it was different from the online one?


      4. It may be the way I answer, that’s also a part of my personality, LOL!!! But I accept/prefer the actual MBTI result because when I read the description, it felt so uncanny, so ME, even the weaknesses.

        The Myers Briggs Foundation offers this test, but you’ll need to be accredited or something. I don’t think we can simply find the questions online unless we get accredited. I’ll ask the person who shared this in the office how he got the questions. He even got the…well, I dunno what it’s called, but Iet’s call it the evaluation form. The evaluator takes notes of the answers and puts them on the form. There’s an instruction there on how to correctly find the personality types — it’s actually easy. As to how they came up with the form, it’s something they understand but my puny brain won’t, he he


      5. Haha,I mean yes they do it and they know their work.Out job is to just take the test and wait for the result.
        I just took this similar test on other website called Humanmetrics and the result is same,there also it says I’m ENTJ type.So until I take the real physical test(where someone real is conducting it),I’ll just assume my personality type to be ENTJ i.e Extravert,iNtuitive,Thinking,Judging.


      6. Then it maybe is true, especially if when you’re reading the description, you’re really feeling like it is talking about YOU, not just a type. Lani, the one who commented on my post, said she always got the same result and thinks her result is spot-on, as well.

        I am just thinking that we can use these types as guides when we create our fictional characters. Although I must admit I haven’t read all 16 personality types. I have so far not met any fellow-ENFJs (not counting the commenters in the site, plus I have never commented there).


      7. Well,yes that might be true,after all one simply does not get same results in every test taken.I analyzed it,read the description and yes it matches to a very high level.Although there were some points that didn’t really match but I’d say it was 98% correct.I am rather shocked at the accuracy.

        Just answer the questions honestly and you’ll get the best result.I’ll read your type.

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  2. First, I LOVE your image of the Eagle. But that image is just for this one post, correct?
    Anyway, I like the idea of other-than-human animals for the zodiac. I’m already a Ram, and while I actually love my sun sign, if I were to have to choose which to represent me, it would be a difficult choice. I love and respect all life and see other species just as much as my sisters and brothers, as I do those of my own species 🙂

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    1. Yes,it’s just for this post only as I’m not someone who could just invent it and ask people to accept it,this just reflects what I would like.
      Yes,that was my point in the post that we should respect everyone despite the differences we have. 🙂 Thank you for the comment.


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