Reverse Shot- School Memories.

For Reverse Shot

Through one of my classmate’s perspective-

He is small and scared maybe because he doesn’t know anyone here in our class,he is alone and nobody is talking to him.Teacher asks him his name and this marks/percentage in previous class and he replies in a low voice,teacher likes him that I can tell.This is happening because it’s the start of class 3rd and some students were shuffled in different classes,he was shifted to our class,none of his friend ended with him.
He sits alone till the break and during the break he pulls his tiffin box out and comes towards us,he wants to share and eat together with me and my friends.We aren’t sure what to do at first but we invite him and we talk to each other,he after the break sits with me,he is my friend and this friendship will continue by sitting in the group for several years,sharing lunch,notes and laughters.

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