A request.

A request to all those who are reading this article here-Please,please do not ever be depressed.It is bad,depression is doing you no good and it will ruin you,you will lose your hair,weight and confidence(which I am sure doesn’t even sound good) and you will waste so much of potential.

Depression as defined by Oxford Dictionary 


Now,if you are really depressed then you might think how can you be important?Or you might say I am not even good at anything how can I possibly contribute in anything at all.But believe me you can and you will,just believe in it for now.Just don’t let yourself go into depression it’s a deep pit and a slippery one.Go out on a walk,listen to music,exercise,go to gym,write,read,watch movies or even seek professional help if you have to.

Mr.Robin Williams a very famous and talented actor and I admired him deeply was depressed  as some website quote it.Read this –

(CNN) — The tragic death of Robin Williams has once again taught us a bitter lesson: Depression does not discriminate, cannot be bargained with and shows no mercy

I am no expert but I just want to help,maybe even make a difference in someone’s life,maybe save someone.Do not waste all of the potential you have,do not hold yourself in the corner,live to contribute and to love and to see the wonders of the world.I may not know the reason of your depression but I think you can rise over it.You can just believe in yourself.

I’d also like your opinions on this.

5 thoughts on “A request.”

  1. Hello Rehmanjafar! Good advice which I hope many people would take. Being depressed doesn’t help. Instead it worsens the situation. At all times we must endeavor to keep our spirits high.Thanks for the post.


    1. I hope that people take this advice because during this phase nothing seems to work,so it is my small attempt at lightning up their world.I agree with you that one shall keep their spirits high.

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  2. Great post and reminder to try our hardest not to succumb to depression the suggestions you make;walking , exercising, reading , getting help; are all relevant, however your passionate plea to try our best not to let depression be our choice was what reached me and this I think is what makes this post so good; the genuine plea to your reader to stay well . Lovely post , very thoughtful and inspiring , I look forward to reading your blog.

    Kind regards and happy days to you from Kathy.

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