I saw Shabanu today(reading changes you).

I saw Shabanu today,Yes I did.I might seem weird for people who haven’t read the book I talk about,but those who have can relate.But I’ll make sure you can relate to what I am saying in the post.

I was in some rural area today and I saw a girl with her pets mainly goats with her and the moment I saw her I remembered the character of one of the books I had read.The book is called Shabanu: Daughter of the Wind,a Novel by Suzanne Fisher Staples.

This wasn’t my first time in rural areas but this time I actually noticed this little girl and just compared her with Shabanu and her camel Guluband.I felt good for noticing,for seeing something that I have ignored for all my life.I was also ignoring the fact that there is life beyond my imagination right here on my planet,so near to me.I was ignorant and the books one read helps lower it.

Reading does change you,make sure you read the right thing.Thumbs up to all who read.

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