Ready set done
This is a race much like life and I’ve decided to run in it yes I will write whatever I can for excatly ten minutes and last time I remember I enrolled myself in the race I ended up talking about technology and it’s negative effects.Today is not that day when we talk about technology because I am not a big fan of it,ignoring the fact that I use quite a lot of it.
I am typing fast as if I need to give you something important to read and I may fail to do so.The reality is my mind is a cloud with too many things in it at one moment and so far I haven’t been able to declutter it.Today I’ll talk about human emotions,now why I chose this topic is because I read a post on some blog today and I also completed a novel called “Shabanu by Suzzane Fisher Staples recently and it talked a lot about emotions and the best part of the book was it talked about animals too.
The blog post I read mainly talked about how we give someone else the charge of our happiness and how they play with it and I somehow agreed to it.On the other side the book Shabnu explored a different side of human emotions,talking about sacrifice and dealing with death and departure.I just believe we all have different ways of managing and dealing with different emotions.What might seem normal to me might be opposite for someone else.

Note-This is written in exactly 10 minutes and not edited in any way.

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