Guest Cats

There is a small room on the top floor at my place that  is used to store junk and other stuff.One evening I went there and found three extremely little kittens size of jelly bean(just an expression) in the corner,their eyes were closed and they were trying to drag themselves across the floor while making sound.I look around but their mother isn’t there so I assume she might come back in a while and she does eventually and these kittens disappear for a week and the first thought was that the cat might have taken them away just like the previous cat did and they aren’t my pets but just some wild cats that roam around in the locality.


Now after a week I go there again and see these three kittens playing and the cat sits there guarding them,I bring my camera and photograph them.Fast forward to this day and it has been around 3 weeks and whenever I try to reach these kittens they just run and hide.I’ve been keeping milk but they are just afraid of humans.


Does anyone know how to approach them?The cat makes weird sounds sometimes on seeing humans.I don’t disturb them anymore.And yes like other cats they doesn’t seem to care.

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