Would you like to come? (Part 2)

Part 1 of Would You Like To Come-


Brrggghhh..zzzrrrrrr….they fell on the ground through some invisible portal and the old man said “NO”,with the most painful voice one can hear.His companion named Jeff looked up and was just as shocked as the old man.They both looked at each other with huge disappointment.

What on earth is this place both said in unison.Still trying to get their minds together they tried to figure out where they were and which year it was exactly.The old man was disappointed greatly because this doesn’t excatly looked like the past he wanted to be in,nor this was anything better.They got up after their little talk and started walking in a hope to find someone or something that could help them identify where and in which year they were.They walked for a good distance but there was nothing and nobody,it was all just plain,empty grounds.The sky was dark red and had a strange pinkish mist and the air had strange smell,it smelled like this from the start but they noticed it now.It started to get dark and cold,so they decided to make fire and sleep beside a big brown rock.Jeff was cursing the stones because it never produced sparks even after a hundred tries he had already made and he gave up,he turned to old man and he had already dozed off.He decided to give up and sleep because he was tired and hungry.

Jeff woke up first and looked at the sun and with his eyes still in the sun’s direction and his hand finding the old man,he grabbed him and asked him to look at the sun.The old man got up reluctantly and looked at the sun and he just couldn’t believe his eyes because the sun looked smaller,much smaller and it wasn’t as bright as it used to be.He sat there motionless and started to think and finally said to Jeff,I knew this,I had this idea,I knew something was wrong and Jeff asked what is wrong and what is it that you knew?He replied this isn’t earth.What do you mean asked Jeff shockingly.

The old man said yes this isn’t earth and passed out and Jeff panicked seeing him and he passed out too.

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