Daily Prompt- Thoughts on Technology

I see this prompt where you have to write whatever comes to your mind and the condition is just for 10 minutes.My mind is currently full with random thoughts and I think the time is less and the next moment I think the time is too much.I was feeling sleepy and just had coffee,so yes I am wide awake now and ready to spill my brains out here with you all.
First thing that came to my mind is technology and how it is ruining me,you and everyone.I might top the list but there is constant competition so as too see who uses it more.Moreover we are becoming slaves and dull,very dull because we rely on our phones and laptops/computers for information far too much.We are surrounded by it,what a kid wants is just a piece of glass/plastic that has light and shows him/her images and various other things.
We need to update our whatsapp status and display pictures everyday,we need to check in to facebook every time we visit somewhere.Why are we doing it,what are we trying to prove?Is it to show people we have life and we enjoy?Do one really enjoy that way,I don’t.Technology is good too but I just happen to point out the negative points in this post.
Daily prompt reply/response-

I plan to write more on technology and the effects of social networking.

6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt- Thoughts on Technology”

  1. The battle with technology is an old one. I watched a Charlie Chaplin film just yesterday in which Charlie had trouble with the phone. He couldn’t figure out why he couldn’t get that funny looking faucet to pour water into the cup that was corded to it. I have similar experiences whenever anyone hands me a cell phone.


    1. Indeed a lot of people battle with technology and the fact that it is rapidly changing and evolving makes it more complex.You have new phones and computers almost everyday in the market,promising you new things while increasing the gap between people.
      Wouldn’t it be nice if a corded phone could pour water(just a wild thought)?
      What was the name of Charlie Chaplin movie?


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