Travel Diary #2

We were looking for a restaurant for lunch but at a very odd time.I looked at my watch and realized it was too late for lunch and too early for dinner but we were hungry.The watch indicated that it was 4:30 p.m(1630 hours) and no restaurant was open and those open weren’t serving anything at that time so we moved to the next one with our stomachs empty,to add to it we didn’t even had breakfast instead just fed on some green apples.We decided to take a new way that went downhill and after some steps we found this very small restaurant that was opened and asked the owner if there would be any lunch at this time and he said yes,come and sit.
So we go in there and sit on these small benches,the roof of it was low because that’s how buildings are made on hill stations and a there was a yellow light bulb that gave the place a yellowish effect,like the one people put on their photographs these days.This is how it looked(the view where the owner stood and radio was kept).


We ordered a plate of Dal Makhni and Mixed Vegetables with chapati.While we waited there talking about our trip the owner turned on the radio.On radio there are two people talking,it’s a interview with a singer from 60’s or even earlier,I missed the starting thus the name of the singer too.The interview is going in a very old fashioned way which is beautiful(atleast to me),how the singer is telling his journey,his arrival in the city of Mumbai(Bombay) and how he pauses and takes time to tell each incident with details like he is trying to relive his memories,his past.
Meanwhile I had my lunch and enjoyed every bit of the interview.I tried immitating him too but I really liked the way the singer talked,not many people talk like this anymore,with emotions and attention,like they are telling a tale.Today everyone is busy competing in a race,in a haste to reach somewhere.It was a great experience in the unexpected place,strange enough to amuse some of the readers but it made me think.

This was Travel Diary #2,for Travel Diary #1 follow the link.

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