There’s someone there!

Nobody is afraid of dark although you and a lot of people may think they are but the reality is quite different.This thought occurred to me on one night when the electricity was out and there was complete darkness and I was the only one awake in the house,usually I am not afraid of dark.I went out and  my wicked imagination started acting up and I literally could make out figures in the dark,I imagined someone sitting in the corner,in the dark and I flashed my torch and there was nothing no one there.So yes I just imagined things,even a slightest movement could be heard and don’t be shocked if I tell you I heard them too.
We fear what lurks in the darkness,what sits and stands there,waiting to grab your arm,leg and the whole body as soon as you get in their range.Darkness hides things,under your bed,in the corner of the room,under your study table,in the closet and behind your back.

Do you think someone actually lurks in the dark?Did something similar ever happened with you?

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