Would you like to come?

As he woke up he realized he had slept on his chair while completing his assignment that was due today and his boss would fire him if he failed to do so.He got up and could feel the unease and pain of sleeping in a chair,he wondered how could he sleep straight for 3 hours on something so uncomfortable.Tired and still sleepy he turned his stove on to make some tea and eggs for breakfast but looked at watch and realized he was late and assignment needed finalizing,forgot the tea and got back to work and after 40 minutes he was on his way to office.

He got into the same bus that he had been taking for last 2 years,the conductor said hey and he sat on his favorite seat and looked through window and realized how monotonous his life had become and how he needed a change,break or simply needed to go somewhere else,do something but the responsibilities and bills didn’t give him any liberty.At the next stop a man in his late 70’s gets on the bus and asks him if the seat next to him is vacant and he says yes,please sit.The old man appeared to be fairly healthy and sat very silent.On the next stop the old man looked outside the window as if expecting something and then looked at him,squinting and whispering something.He didn’t get bothered because he was busy thinking about life and then the old man says stop thinking about life so hard,won’t help you much.Sir,you talking to me?Yes I am the old man said.But how do you know that I was thinking about life?The old man laughed and said it’s time for me to get off the bus and he went away as soon as the bus stopped.He was startled and thought it was pure coincident and the old man made a lucky guess,so he reached his office and submitted his work but he still thought about the man.

After certain days he met the same old man in the bus and this time he directly asked him that how did he know?The old man said come with me.He went with him without thinking because he really needed to have answers to his questions.They both together took a bus and the old man took him to the outskirts of the city,far away from the fast moving city life,then they walked for sometime and finally reached a shed.

He entered inside and realized that this wasn’t some ordinary shed but a scientific lab with some strange machine that stood in the middle.The old man asked if he wanted to have some coffee but he didn’t answer because he was busy observing this small yet big place. The old man sat down and asked him that would he like to join him.Join you he asked,join you on what?The old man said pointing to the machine kept in the room that he spent all his life on it and now all I need is a companion to travel back in the past.I think you are tired of your life and would go with me.He replied but why me?Is it really a time machine?Does it really work?Why me?Why?The old man asked the same question again and there was seriousness in his voice and he demanded an answer like he couldn’t wait anymore.

He thought and said yes because that’s what he wanted and has been thinking about it for weeks and he won’t get a better chance.So they stepped on the machine and on click of some buttons they went away into the past,somewhere they expected to find peace and maybe they did(maybe not).

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Reply/Response for Weekly Writing Challenge http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_writing_challenge/thats-absurd/

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      1. I will be posting the next part of this story in the next week and will be posting other stuff too.You are most welcomed to read them. 🙂


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      3. I recently made some changes maybe that’s causing the problem.Try logging out of wordpress and deleting the browser history(if you use it on browser).
        If still unable to do so,let me know and in the mean time you can follow via email.


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