Do I Know You?

You’re sitting at a cafe when a stranger approaches you.This person asks what your name is,and for some reasons you reply.The stranger nods,”I’ve been looking for you”.
Looking for me but why and do I know you?He answers no you don’t know me but I’ll tell you about it later,let’s move out.I resist and he says it’s not safe here and we must go.Not safe?What do you mean?He says no questions for now,we must really hurry now.

I reluctantly agree to go with him wondering what’s happening and why am I even doing it?We go outside to a big black SUV parked across the street and he unlocks the car and I take the passenger seat and just when he starts the car someone suddenly taps on his window,he rolls it down and he is shot in the face and I enter into a shock,time freezes and moves as slow as honey,in this short brief moments I realize that I am next who will be shot.He points his gun to my face and shoots and I wake up gasping for  breath.

It was a dream,a bad one that almost killed me.

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