Problem of Rape and some possible solutions.

Let me talk about rape,these are strictly my views.Feel free to share and comment.

I was reading today’s newspaper and this sure caught my attention(you’ll read about rape almost everyday).Headline was “One rape every 30 minutes in India”,2.7 Lakh cases reported in 13 years.These stats tell you one thing about humans,that they are beasts.

This is from 29th July,2014 [Times Of India]. This was taken with a mobile camera,sorry for the bad photo quality.
Now,the question is how do we deal and solve this problem.Okay the government already has some laws,strict laws that deal with the rapist but they are quite ineffective.The reason could be that people think they have power to commit the crime and get away with it,they will not get caught and they often escape.They threaten the victim and get away and thus the cases aren’t reported,sometimes never at all.

Now we see the capital of India saw the highest rise at 329%,that’s staggering high(according to study shown in Times Of India,29 July 2014 India).And a rape in every 30 minutes across India.This might be a bit shocking to some people reading this but people belonging to high and respectable profession such as teachers and doctors have been booked for raping their students and patients respectively.I am not blaming the profession but the specific people.Relatives,teachers,fathers,strangers,doctors have been in the news for rape.
I am not pointing out teacher or a doctor or anyone in particular,the point of including them here is to make people realize that even the educated people do it,yes the education didn’t really help here,did it?(but it does play an important role in preventing it).It’s the insanity at work.

The solution according to me isn’t just education alone,it’s how people are raised,what values they are taught,how they think.
Education helps in raising the standard of people but the society we live in,friends we have,people we interact with have a major role to play,they shape us,they together make our thoughts and when someone who is raised with great values,respects not just the other gender but the whole surroundings around him.That is when according to me the chances of rape incidents in the country will be low.Alongside more strict laws are necessary as well.

But then again these are my views,what are yours?Correct me if I went wrong somewhere.

Change starts from me,
Change starts from you,
Change starts from us.


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